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Leather dyes

After months of time spent in the laboratory, we are proud to present our new choice of materials and technology – we decided to give priority to vegetable tanning leathers. Our way of thinking at Kriuks has always been green and close to nature, so it was a logical step forward to introduce plant components in our products.


Using vegetable tanned leather and dye extracts from plants, it is possible achieve the most beautifully coloured products. It is also well known that earthly tones that are colour shaded can easily be combined together – they match perfectly.
On the second picture , you can see some dyed samples. However, a much wider spectrum of colours can be obtained as even a small change in a dye recipe already makes a new tone.


To improve the light fastness (the degree to which a dye resists fading due to light exposure) of colours, we added special UVA and UVB blockers into the leather polishes. Don´t worry, it is still a natural product that can be easily used even as body lotion before going to the beach. We manufacture our maintenance products for leather, but they could just as easily be labelled natural cosmetics.

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