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How to Polish

To polish shoes, you will need the following:
a pair of thin gloves (cloth, rubber);
some pieces of linen;
a toothbrush;
Shoetrees to keep the shape;
colourless and coloured shoe polish. We recommend Kriuks shoe polishes.

First Dip the toothbrush into the colourless shoe polish and rub it over the perimeter of the shoe, over the crease between the sole and the upper part.

Second Before continuing, old polish has to be taken off. In order to do so, wrap a piece of cloth around your finger, dip it in colourless shoe polish and use brisk motions to remove the old layer of polish.

Third To make sure that the shoe is waterproof, apply a layer of colourless polish over the entire shoe. To do so, wrap two fingers in a cotton cloth and dip them into colourless shoe polish. Rub in a circular motion on the leather, massaging the polish into the leather. This will close the pores of the leather.

Fourth The final touch is given by polishing and shining the shoes. Wet a cloth just slightly and wrap it around two fingers. Take polish of the required colour and start polishing one of the facets using circular motions. Then add a few drops of water to the surface of the shoe. Dab the cloth in polish again and gently polish until the shoe starts to become shiny.

The fourth stage should be done part by part on a shoe, taking one of the parts at a time and moving around the shoe until you reach the part you began with.

Fifth Rub the whole surface with a clean cloth. If the job has been done right, the cloth should be nearly clean, because the polish should have been absorbed into the leather while polishing and rubbing.

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