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Cleaning Leather

To clean salt marks, make a solution using equal parts of vinegar and water. Dip the end of a cotton cloth in the mix, wipe it over the salt marks and use the dry part of the cloth to rub it clean.

To get rid of mould, you can use a solution of water and alcohol using equal parts.

To get rid of stains, use a toothpaste “mask”. Apply a thin, even layer of toothpaste on the leather. Make a solution of 1 part vinegar and 2 parts nut or olive oil. Using this solution and a cotton cloth, go over the whole surface again, rubbing in a circular motion. Let stand for 9 hours. Clean the surface by rubbing or washing.

For small stains, an equal parts mix of tartar and lemon has also proved effective.

You can also try using the end of a cotton cloth that has been dipped in alcohol.

For stubborn stains, try aerosol hair spray. Spray on the surface and then wipe away. Repeat, if needed.

Ink stains can be removed with a non-acetone nail polish remover.

All the above does not apply to suede. The only help in that case is a colourless eraser.

* all recommendations for cleaning are given in good faith and have been tried in practice. Unfortunately, we can’t give a 100% guarantee that they will work in all cases. We also recommend trying any solution on a small area in a non-visible spot first.

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