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In these modern times, handmade shoes are a point of contact with the world of real things. Handmade footwear is also a signal of the position of their owner in society.

Kriuks makes custom footwear using a wealth of traditions and experiences gathered over nearly 100 years.

After a client’s measurements are taken, wooden lasts (moulds) are made, and then the shoes are formed layer by layer on these lasts. One pair of shoes can take up to 200 hours to make.

Using ancient recipes, the leather used for the footwear is tanned by a local tanner. The leather is tanned and dyed using only plant-based extracts, exclusively for Kriuks.

Kriuks bases its footwear on timeless European classics that are personalised according to the client’s wishes. Every pair is signed and guaranteed to be unique.

“La mode se démode, le style jamais – Fashion goes out of fashion. Style never does.”
Coco Chanel

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